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I just feel so completely inadequate strength, a little can not satisfy me.

“Call ~ ~ not ~ some in the force.”

seemed encouraged by the general, he began to land hard on me hard, as if looking into my sensitive spots. His nipples get hard to pull forward, stroking the palm turned back so awkward rubbing my hip petal. He let go of my lips have swollen mouth, and began to carefully suck my other nipple.

his tongue a tiny protrusion at by my sensitive nipples unlimited expansion …… But good comfortable ah ……

“ah …… ah …… ha ah …… good comfortable ……”

hear me moan after drunkenly, obviously, his eyes begin to redden due to congestion. Finally, he put both hands toward the place of that taboo. A separate my cheeks, a cool creamy with some oil into my body ……

Chapter XIX

by oil lubrication, he has been able to ease a finger in and out, so he took a little oil, add a second finger.

…… it really is a dream …… or else this guy did not know how common sense to go before lubrication and expansion …… but who cares …… Anyway, I have to enjoy this a wet dream ……

my eyes closed, was wholeheartedly enjoying his services. His fingers inside me naughty touch, scraping scratched my soft wall. Until you press that point on, my body started shaking uncontrollably up. Like a shock, as unbridled pleasure fled in my perception world.

I kept the thrill of, panting. He knew it was looking for to children, and relax while I enjoy them, when they stuffed the third finger. Until even three fingers can be unimpeded, he pulled out all the fingers, I thought he is to come in, big mouth inspiratory breath, try to relax yourself.

However, he did so no action of! ! The body is empty, craving to be filled, but he stop here? ! I opened my eyes misty, is greeted by his sinister smile goes! Gosh, why is he so bad dream, so love to bully me? Is it in the subconscious, I actually do like his bad eye? !

no time for me to think, holds many lessons can only take the initiative! I quickly pulled down the zipper of his jeans, his spirited taken out. Ridiculed! He is absolutely scared to Heaven that size really makes me dwarfs. It seems only three fingers do the expansion …… would not look.

but my body in the clamor, I am afraid can not wait to do it ready! I have no hesitation leaning his spirited aligned my Kogiku hole, and sat down on the breath.

“ah ─ ─ ─ ─”

pain! Well can not hurt! Then how do foreplay is the first time I have it! I’m still waiting for a motionless body adapted, but he has been running out of patience.

“Hold me! want to move!” if not finished he began ascribed thrusts up.

“ah ─ ─ ah …… Ah …… alas ……”

“baby child hurt you?”

“ah …… ah …… Oh …… pain ……”

I think he is using violent behavior and gentle language to express himself.

“Boa …… endure look …… look like ……”

“ah …… your zipper …… pain ……” Fool! Not that hurt, but …… my bare ass is still sitting just untie his zipper jeans, what about the impact that the above sharp metal and rough cloth.

“Oh!’ll be off!” He lifted his body, quickly took off his jeans, it was so that the combined position.

Then he started up tight rhythm ……

my whole body was he was dangling, had hangovers very headache, and now feel even more confused, but this is not at all want to wake up to.

his wonderful bronze-like body constantly shaking in front of me, I can not help attracting want to explore it chews up stiffness. I kept thinking of my mouth to rely on the past, bitter bite down.

“Oh ─ ─” bite me like he was wounded lion-like stuffy calls out loud.

“Kaka Lo ~ ~ than gummy and chewy.”

“seems to me hard enough, let your mind do still compare?!”

“Yeah …… ha ah …… ah ……” He snappish up hard one, accident the top to a deep place. He immediately found a new toy as a child, just repeated the move.

“etc. …… etc. …… Do not …… pause …… too deep ……” was his treasure in my body so I finally could not bear to start pleading for his life.

“baby child, still early!”

“ah …… no …… ah …… Call …… break Well ~ ~” I Cengceng his cheek, I hope my pathetic coquetry can evoke his humanity.

“Well, let’s go to bed and rest go!” So stand up and goes to bed, he only knew holding my two hip petal, that in order to prevent his slide my body.

instinct, I firmly entangle his neck and felt his high-spirited on foot, because of indistinct friction becomes even stronger. I am ashamed to be added, had hid his head into his necks.


wait until the bed, feeling drama is just beginning.

this crazy night, we tried four position in bed is stopped until exhausted, during which maybe I blacked out a few times.

because it is in a dream, so I completely into the state, they had forgotten the shame.

─ ─ feel comfortable on the moaning, are stimulated to scream, swing the body to help him find pleasure in my body where, even in the passion of tears ─ ─ profound experience of ‘pain and happiness’ sensible advice.



“ah ……” I rubbed dry eyes with the back of blocking sneaked into to the dawn, as if the heavy curtains can not stop it shines a naughty long prepared lazy people.

good unfamiliar environment, here is where is it? Yesterday …… what the? Head hurts! ! Yes, a lo and I Dujiu …… then what?

I am ready to sit up first and then think, think, but ─ ─ completely impossible! Fall apart like my whole body, like every muscle soreness in the clamor! I do not understand that this is how the ……

“Do not worry …… Can you move it? does not work, take a rest today.” Suddenly a hoarse voice came from my left side.

“ah ─ ─ Chao?!!! ah ─ ─” see him that moment, I was suddenly awakened last night’s wet dream. But again, I look around, this seems to be the scene last night my dreams, as well ─ ─ why even those of his body left in my passion ‘details’ are exactly the same? !

“how do I still dream?! ─ ─ I do not want to go out! I want to wake up! ah ─ ─”

“how you? friends are having nightmares?” He propped his elbow, looking down at me.

“not a nightmare, is en ~ dream ……” how could this dream mean to say, I say vaguely ineffectively, hoping to fool the past.

“ah what?” HO ~ NO ~ big failure!

“dream car ~ Well ……”

“ah? beg your pardon? I did not catch.”

“Spring Dreams ─ ─ ─ ─” by! What can you say? !

“Oh …… do you call that illusion …… ah …… What really seems to be saying!” He seems to think of what, mouth Raising a not-for-intentioned smile, so I was not playing a bit cold.

“What?! So, you have done that dream yet?”

“Yes ah!”

“Amazing! bed is an old saying that ‘a’ dream myself?”

“uh? ancients said that sharing a ‘different’ dream it …… should refer to marital discord.”

“are the same friends ~ ~”

“it is far worse.”

“Why did you not tell me fight this?!”

“because you’re too cute, hey, can not help but want to bully bully you.” He made awkward by the press my nose, I have always felt his nose a little higher if the longer the better read, but he seems to and my nose is always trying to find fault, if After I check my nose because he was old and not grow according to the words, I will not forgive him!

“perverted your heart!!!!”

“Well, yesterday you were my metamorphosis wait for comfortable?”

“ah? Ha ~ What is it ~ I do dream, how do you know it …”

“I am your dream actor, of course I know! my queen Highness ─ ─”

“ah ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─”

“so noisy, what is? morning I have not met How about you, baby child …”

“You, you, you, you ─ ─ how to know?!!!!”

“Ha ha ha …… You do not really believe that last night thing is that you dreaming?!”

“is not a dream?”

“who gave birth to you in the end of it so cute? I kinda want to see your parents again!”

…… I have completely petrified, which in the end how the matter ……

…… do not …… do …… a dream adulterous

“Ha ……” He hit a yawn, continued, “Yesterday, I was ready to go home at the end of work on the road, you see drunken Rattus helped by a malicious, we must come to see looked, and behold baby saw me threw my arms … ”

say, when seen, it is not made out by the idea of ​​fantasy I myself!

“Then I brought you to my work boss lent me staying in the house, you spit one, I can help you wipe the body, but did not fit your clothes, anyway, you have, I have, do not shy of the light with you on the bed …… Then again Well, we do love to do, I was watching you wake up, did not think you confused thought he was dreaming, Ha ha ha …… my little Boa You’re cute ~ ”

“etc. …… Since I have is that you also have …… why would you and me …… ha …… you that you are gay?”


“Give me a break, how I might be gay!”

“Then how do you know you want to do before lubrication and expansion?”

“Are you saying that the sofa below those gadgets do? me to be prepared, because the last painful motto, I deliberately went to study a little.”

“Then why did you and me ‘be prepared’?” because like me? Because I was special? Because you just make an exception for me? Say it! ! I want to hear, say, then I’ll have a lot of adults to forgive the sins of your nose at me ~

“I ah ~ on desire, sexual indifference …… came last night, that is, where the only sense.”

“That ……” What? ! I heard it wrong, does not it, Chao script you get it wrong ……

“You saw last night is also very comfortable, it is better ……”

“not as good as what ……” Communication! Communication is the word you are benzene will not say it? !

“it is better to go on like this!”

“What do you mean? …… that exchanges do ……” Damn it, the young master points you have mentioned to this point, you’ll quickly say Yes! ! !

“intercourse?! ha ha ha ha …… you must be kidding, not a girl, do the authors also my responsibility?! I’m talking about sexual partners, mutual consolation that, as long as the kind of sex do not love.”

“─ ─ Do not say that again!! you roll!!!” seem to have heard the voice instantly fall to the bottom, I feel like someone in my heart clenched tightly, and even have some shortness of breath, aches and howling chills.

“can not be inserted for a moment it ~ becomes gay friends? Well, well, good fast Knock ah ~” When he finished, we must arm around me.

“Do not touch me with your dirty hands!!! roll ─ ─” I pushed him leaned over a body, looked at him coldly.

his first moves was scared me a moment, followed unhappy corrugated brow.

“Do not vexatious good!’m not deflowered virgin! I took you so virgin did not trouble! Moreover, we were but sexual gratification, not any rape you!”

“You, you, you ─ ─ you roll!!!”

“Hey! good reason, this house is the people lent me, I roll to roll nor is it!”

“right! not you roll! The roll is me!!” When he finished, I quickly jumped out of bed.

pain ─ ─ I lost up too fast, suddenly fell to the ground.

sore ─ ─ I quickly touched off the overflow of tears, leaning on the wall and stood up.

too painful ─ ─ body makes no effort, that place is unspeakable pain, but I have to be strong, you can not behave in the face of this bastard weakness.

pain from that place has been drilled to obscure the deeper body, no one can compare the pain ─ ─ where that place is called the heart.

“my clothes too!”

“cool way to go …… should be in the bathroom, not dry ……” The more he say smaller, I think at least in the momentum, must not lose him.

bathroom really hung my clothes last night, but it really is still wet. I spent a lot of effort to put on clothes, wet glued to the body.

I stumbled to the door shoes, no less completely bent back to tie child, only to make do with the sleeve. But Yuxiang hurry to leave here, this is to be more shoes against me, how are plug does not fit.

I Yuechuan Yue anxious, could not help but shed tears, and immediately rub off with the back, even the nose is also out of trouble! I suck I suck, you bastard smelly nose, do not come out blind blending! Really, I’m straight crying angry stomp! !

Suddenly, back came a burst from my body, a broad-minded me warm in the one package.

“I’m sorry, I’m not at all to you roll! stay and have a good rest!” he said as he kissed my neck, my disgust struggling!

“Do not touch me, you bastard! ah ─ ─” I picked up my one, my body floating forward for the struggling chaos waving hands in the air only, at the moment the face of him that I could be so powerless ……

“well-behaved, Stop it ah ~ I’m the wrong is not enough, my darling child cleverest ~”

“Let go of me!! who is your baby!! your disgusting!! really hate!!”

“Well …… I hate, I’m sick, but you did with your own hatred it, for your body gotta think about it!”

“come into the yard, and put wet clothes off, do not catch a cold!”

“trouble one morning, and you must be hungry, and I went downstairs to buy you something to eat, what you eat?”

he said as he handed the gentle yet done, he will take care of such a person …… but if you want me to forgive him, one thing I have to confirm the job!

“you because I love you and I go to bed?” Me, I finally give you one last chance, “Do you want to know!”

Chapter XXII

“do not want you, I am not gay, are not likely to fall in love with the same man you are.”

“……” I am completely speechless, as if in my mind emerges out of the ‘Abandoning’ This word, let my nose while sour.

“…… Wait a minute, though it is not love, but I really like you, precisely, is more like than friends, but not the kind of lover like!”

cool! Ning dazzle you now must be calm! Since he is not the kind of feelings for you, why should you re-stalker coercion! What kind of a man’s virginity they? No one will care.

“You do that again, and I suddenly thought of a thing must immediately deal with …… since you come home when I was your friend, can you help me down the stairs to help me fight vehicles taxi?”

“can be, of course, no problem! good as I hold you down, sir!”

“…… won` No, thank you. ”


I got into a taxi, on the whole body shrunk to a group, fell on the back seat, not looking back at him disappear forever. In the other car when I asked Chao forget last night happened irrational things, and refused his sexual partner when the request is made, which means that absolutely no next time.

wine is really a mess of things, I decided this life no longer stick it. But this thing all the blame if the body in the wine, the wine, and I am afraid we must litigate it. Culprit not wine nor Chao, but me. Last night’s memory is fuzzy, but there is one thing I should still be recognized

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Acceptance, and to ensure the two of you can fully experience the joy …… However, I qualified. ”

looked slightly Showtime thieves looking smile, wary: “What condition?”

“I want the site to watch.” devil really is the devil, even Tingtingyuli, it is still the devil.


“does not promise to help you come up with ideas.” Showtime proudly wink: “Do you really want to continue to be patient? really do not agree? would Biede good hard Oh.”

“No, absolutely not.”

“That I can not tell you.” Showtime a matter not related to appearance.

“Showtime, not nonsense, tell me.”

“I want to see the scene.”

“also bought clothes, eat a meal, you can not sell off the child up.”

Showtime pulled his face look in the mirror, lug eyebrow lazily said: “Unless I see the scene, otherwise there is no room for negotiation.”

“You’re not telling me?” pico with warnings meant to ask.

“I do not!” Showtime stare at her brother: “I want the site to watch.”



three minutes stalemate, both sides look the collision, sparks were flying.

“Good! Do not you tell me, I think for myself, but ……” slightly older sister looked at him calmly.

ten seconds later ……

“help ah! help ah!” restaurant sounded shrill screams.

everyone a panic, looking toward the screaming while corner.

corner, a handsome boy being pinched a girl’s neck Tingtingyuli desperately shaking.

“help ah! there …… someone murdered beauty ah!” tapped by intermittent help.

pinch people who Victim, can not wait to eat each other tonight stomach all the things shake out: “You have my money, but I am paying the money my money ……”

night expiratory eyebrows slightly, boosted by “brother” Gang, returned victorious outcome of the revolution. According Cat recalls that once, Showtime at least six months to find a place to hide to see slightly.

years later, Showtime then recalled this scene, but he kept clarification: “Brother’s move was too manly, and certainly would be a good little attack, so I was courageous and help him.”

Chapter IX

Showtime counterattack

the answer is not complicated, and even the simple to make a little anxious to beat their own meal to punish himself for so long delayed, or even just because think of a demon IQ Showtime so you can think of ways.

rival, Well, not that most old-fashioned rival stimulation do?

slightly sitting on a stool, looked calculations without being aware of their cats.

right to cat’s personality, once to see the opponent, body hair will be erected to protect their booty.

“old Yin Xiao grimace in pain, do not think I do not know you move crooked brains.”

spotted. Slightly heart thump loudly, sat upright spine pretended not mind hum: “Who Moved crooked brains? I was not that effort.”

“want to keep me? your little tricks that I do not know?” Cat towards slightly to make a grimace, proudly said: “You put all of this month’s pocket money to splurge over, is not going to go from my point here, dig flower? “ranging from slight to make sound, cats seem to think of anything, his face suddenly flushed up, his eyes began to restless parades, one would seem his mind, generous pocket two notes: “Take it, I’m very generous, passionate heart plus tenderness chivalrous, how can bear to see you hungry?”

slightly secretly relieved, glanced glanced at it two notes, though cats guessed his thoughts, but he said it indeed needs pocket money, just to Shenshouqujie, suddenly stop action, look warily the Cat: “What condition?”

“ah ……”

slightly dark eyes staring at the cat: “Well, you hit what Guizhu Yi?”

cats will reveal a loss of twas wanted to do bad things, round yo eyes constantly scanning the four weeks, the last deep breath, and came over against a slight shortness of whisper whisper.

“What?” slight frown.

cats Minato closer, muttering repeated.

slightly more confusing asked: “What?”

cats, could not bite his neck a huff, cried: “I told you three times!”

“I still can not believe I heard something ……”

“What can not believe?” anger one up, cats have forgotten embarrassment, poked a little chest asked: “You say you do not like me?”

“likes.” nodded slightly.

poke?? “intends, do with me later?”

“intends.” nodded slightly.

continue to poke?? “want to be comfortable together after sex do you?”

slightly bigger their heads: “Of course ah!”

“That is not to end up?” Cat spread hand, which means that the end of the topic.

slightly cried: “That does not go degeneration can call me ah!”

for the slight cry, cats tend to be emotional risen, the tone will be increased. Him a glare, just slightly right on: “Why not? Do you like me, and all that that you want, and only do that kind of thing is normal for men and women, men and men do not that useful organ naturally Well! Well, I was thinking of you. ”

“Why do not you change that?”

cat’s eyes wide open flute circle, confidently said: “I painlessly! say, if surgery is not successful, becoming androgynous how to do?”

slightly shrieking again and again: “I am androgynous no problem?”

Cats bigger voice: “What are you afraid? Anyway, you get what I have you!”

just felt slightly on their heads was a heavy knock, and ate the same drug did not sound dumb, boring cheeks turn red, half Samsam scratching their heads: “It can not tell me to go transgender ah ……”

him a scratching, cats also Samsam scratching their heads, the two shoulders rubbing shoulders sat down on the bed, looked at each other sheepishly.

“Just to say, say it again?”

“To our happiness, you go to degeneration.” Cat whispered.

“is not a phrase.” slightly winked: “The last one ……”

cats warily glanced slightly at the neck twisted her face to one side.

“cat ……” pico very careful to say: “You blush yeah.”


“there.” slightly proud of them, and now he felt that the old ways do not have Showtime also can deal with cats. Well, that little girl Showtime What kind? Cats are like slightly, just like slightly.

cat’s face red and pink, ignored without warning he likes to play over fist, we can say very cute. Pico could not move past one point: “Cat really cute.”

“ah?” Cat eyebrow, he considered for a moment, decided to accept the neutral praise slightly, happy hehe twice.

slightly rubs cat’s face with his chin, do not know when the wolf has claws into his collar. Cunning hand to seize flexible fabric under small bumps, cats call out loudly. He seems to think slightly evil intentions, propped bedside moving backwards a little, but slightly close immediately followed up.

“how suddenly thought of something degeneration?” seize the opportunity to seize the cats Luanhui hands slightly with one mind and action, attacking the enemy, language divert the enemy attention.
Sure enough in the account

“degeneration do not you? change your body structure, two people can fit. Moreover, this can also be legally married. relationship between man and man’s long hard thing.”

“Nonsense, our relationship is very long the Well.”

“That is because we do not have formal carnal, cat once the fish into the mouth, it will turn around to find another one fish from the male body in terms of management structure and psychologically, to remain the only one gay person is very difficult In other words, we slept for the first time, everyone is likely from their Touxing. ”

“makes sense.”

cats immediately triumphantly: “Of course, I’m the master of the tiger.”

slightly Puchi smile, bite bite cat’s ear: “You can not be so high level, Who taught you?”


slightly while the cats have not prepared unbuttoned shirt off, but to sigh: “Showtime call you?”

cat nodded. Weather very hot, shirtless easier to heat, he Chouchou fine forehead sweat slightly, slightly natural solution to help buttons.

“Showtime said that we go to bed, relations will become worse?”


“She said the only solution is to go to one of our transgender?”


“She said what?”

cats actually be candid about this: “She said you loyal to me, even if I do not have to worry about rival appeared. said I want to keep modesty, not because there is a rival to stoop into the arms of her brother . ”

this dead girl. Slightly secretly molars, back and forth to do a few deep breaths: “Cat, do you think this person Showtime …… how about?”

“this dead girl!” Speaking of Showtime Cats Dengyuan eyes: “She was a bad guy, the devil, 38, perverted, monsters, crybaby, miser, the world’s most annoying insects together not as good as her hateful! ”

“Then why did you believe Showtime words?” slight sigh: “And almost every letter.”

cat surprised a moment, looked down sheepishly, and soon justly Huo rise, look slightly one: “But I think this time she said, is really quite reasonable.”

“makes sense? encourage our degeneration also called sense?”

“Showtime said I do not change, if you change on it.” Cats exposed thieves looking smile. “This my last you the next, I will not hurt, not too tired, the most important point is?? General should not allow more handsome that surgery.” Showtime words he copied.

slightly and then finally understand his cat is nothing but a pretty clever idea, in essence, can not be changed?? Benmao one! He did not speak taunt cats, because attention has been attracted to the other side.

“ah …… Can you tell me you’re doing it?”

“button to help you solve.”

“This is the pants buttoned.”

“I know.”

“Do you know what will happen this time more do you?” smiled slightly ulterior motive.

“certainly know.”

uh? Do cats have figured out? Slightly heart of a happy tone in his mouth, lust and asked: “really know?”

seems cats really come to understand, and he even took the initiative rubs slightly around, just slightly faster with melted called lazy tone, said:

“slightly, we will always be together is not?”

“Of course.”

“We are all boys have the impulse is not?”

“Of course.”

“I really want you.” Cats voluntarily loosen their belts. Burning organ has hung handsome flag it.

slightly felt like a dream: “I was ……” He hugged cats, quivering with excitement.

God, ah, Benmao finally wake up.

“Then you suck me out of it.”



“sucked out?” pico all face the sun obscured by clouds, gruffly asked: “What about me?”

cat looks really could not resist, he kept him slightly to rub, reluctantly said: “You help me get, and so I lose points but also help you get.”

“not.” slightly black face: “I want to hold you officially.”


“guarantee hurt, good cat, I would be very careful very careful.” coaxing two, slightly dropped the threat: “Only in this way, otherwise I will not help you solve. Well, let you suffocate . “Anyway, I’ve almost suffocated.

“in the end you do not do?”

“do not do!”


fortunately was the same quarters of the students did not come back, thanks to the then locks tight, curtains put down. Two naked creatures scuffle from the bed to bed together, a big stir.

are not suffocated, just beat each other to death.


hands ready

Living life problems are always one after another, from Showtime’s revenge problems caused degeneration of issues, from transgender issues once again return

to the boy’s physical problems, and when the most troubled and cats slight physiological problems unresolved, another problem again??? exam questions.

have to pay attention to this problem, a slight and cats have had to put the most important issue needs to lay down and go all out to meet

all teachers once per semester sadistic desire.

deal with exam each candidate has their own way, take a little hands ready. First, reading, organize your notes. Second, look for previous years exam papers, annual exams to find similar point. Slightly very hard, he was going to get scholarships, so next semester will have more money supply him and cat snacks.

“Cat, do you want me counseling?” pico bumper cat’s shoulder with his shoulder, wink: “But to pay the counseling fee Oh, hey, not money, as long as you ……”

“Well, I had been reviewing good policy.”

slightly Yaran: “What? your review will have only Benmao good way? other subjects no problem, but the data structure and algorithm design this two, I think you will not do without my guidance.”

“Hey, would be overly arrogant lightning.” cats nose and “hum”, turned around and said: “I do not rely on you last semester, but want you to help review a bit advanced physics, you air a whole semester, I tell you, is the need to review the wisdom of the dead read to no avail. Do not worry, this year I will certainly do a good result. ”

cat can boast oh no, because he is actually someone to provide him with Final Exam good policy. Who? Of course …… hey, who hate cats, and most who listen to the words of it?

since the last place in the Big Brother accounted for less than cheap and instigating cats fail since Showtime bitter experience summed up the countless lessons to get the most useful are two: first, the cats a good deal more than her brother. Second, children are willing to set the wolf, it must be taken advantage of and maintain close contact with cats, the best cats slowly develop feelings for her.

Showtime certainly know that cats feelings for her if you can use numbers to describe it, it must be a negative number, so this time she is very smart initiative to contact the cat before the final exam, free supply of its own over the years one hundred test Braun exam good policy.

“is the need to review the wisdom of the dead did not use to read,” Showtime solemnly taught: “hands ready.”

“hands ready?”

“right!” Showtime Yiziyidun, articulated so forcefully spit “test Cheats”: “First, a good discussion · · · old teacher and secondly,
good discussion · · with · learn??? classmates, is sitting next to you and exams with good results and who, score worse than you who let it go. ”

Showtime thoughtful explanation, and even the mentality of all the examination room, head to impart a half hours later, cat preening, while dreaming of the final grade papers on the pleasing satisfaction scores while away.

until three days after the cat was found a little problem.

First of all, it seems that many people are aware of this to please the teacher Cheats existence, the closer examination, the teacher around the classroom to make a diligent reading around people who look like much more. Cat early for their own good mental construction, in order to test scores slightly groveling bit, but unfortunately his mental construction is simply powerless??? Teacher he could not pushed around.

Alas, cats had a headache. Among the many who want to get the teacher groveling kind eyes it is not a container

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The things people have done it yet optimistic. Hey, Bale Bale, go to the grocery store or your own book club buy skill, whatever the outcome, it also taught me Lau fried rice chef skills ah!

I found on the map of the grocery store they sauntered over. To the grocery store I look useful recipes are bought, in addition I also bought some clothes tailor made to use scrolls, remember who taught me Tailoring Zhang Fei edition beauty, I can not help but sigh, I do not know How was she, and Tan clear in my post after the task is no sense of responsibility flash, leaving behind only the poor widow woman ah! Really commit a sin ah!
buying something, I easily pulled by a picking task will flash people, according to the map went on to say picking sacred task, I began searching to find tasks say ‘volcano lotus’, when looking for a for a long time did not find, I began to suspect that the world has no such plants?
“Ow —-” rest assured that I did not encounter the wolf, but did not encounter pervert, I just do not accidentally fall off the cliff, all right.
I relaxed and enjoyed the scenery passing fast four weeks, waiting for the resurrection point back. Sure enough, while there has been resurrected selection box:
You have died, please select yes
back to place the resurrection resurrection point

I was about to click on ‘return to the resurrection point’ hands stopped, if the place the resurrection, then what will happen? Then place the resurrection it! Big deal a little later then committed suicide. My eyes, I quickly place the resurrection point

so I opened my eyes, they saw lying on the ground resurrected villain, good magic ah! ! ! Keke,
18, eighteenth words …

my habit of opening your map, the map is displayed on a special map turned out to be their own exploitation! It seems like I was coming to a copy of undeveloped or maps like the place to go!

thought here, I can not help but lift your spirits, the big step from Chaplin, I valiantly dash went forward, I want to revive the spirit of Robinson, prove Cristo great!

I do not know how long to go, in the most desperate, I finally saw the front of a village. I immediately resurrected sec rushed forward, well we saw a dilapidated little direction marked on the front where the wind vane, I rushed closer I saw a look that says “Everyone ultimate goal” to see the phrase live, I can not help tears, I want a home, a small house, it allows that I leave this place. I belong here I come! ! ! ! I rushed to the village, I saw huts lined patchwork village smoke curl, children and senior citizens and happy to see that scene I can not help but smile, really paradise, everyone’s yearning, each person’s fate ah!
I approached an old man holding its own grandson, ready to ask where it is, but he looked up and saw me, and immediately face twisted and threw the child ran like a house and shouted: “Ghost coming!!!! “beside the still listened, I looked immediately to pay tribute to my beautiful face side face twisted side after ran to the house, no more for a while, just very harmonious scene flew away, each of the doors were shut tight , it seems like a ghost.
I can not help but wonder, touched his face, not so terrible ah, even the game, I chose is beautiful ah? With knowledge of the heart, I just walked into the old man’s house, knocked on the door, no one should be in knocked on the door, or no one should, I can not help but pushed the door did not open, I pulled doors open. I walked into the room, I saw this is a common, but the houses, put a sheet door is a living room table, the left hand is the kitchen, no one, it is certainly in the right hand of the room, I went into the house of his right hand, This is a bedroom, which stood two strange wood, I clicked and saw that read:
“Grass Mud Horse grandfather’s tomb.”
“Oh grandson grass horse’s tomb.”
good funny name ah! Haha, smiled and smiled and I closed my mouth, I think together we learned just in, and then look in front of the tombstone, I jumped up and shouted: “There Ghosts!!!!” Will be rushed out, not washed long I would one Caikong, and fell into a ghost did not know clearly where this is just a beginning, my Gulliver Adventures still very long.

other narrowly landed safely after seeing death select one out, I flew back to the city ready to click death, may at the front when I look into the distance, a bustling village of thin air in front of me, what is this place weird? Okay, I know, I began to wonder, and I quickly turn the mouse to click to place the resurrection, and then continue to the full speed in seconds JQ villages ran.

wait until I walked into the village  Chuo playing? saw huts lined patchwork village smoke curl, enjoyable for children and senior citizens, in a place near the door, where an old man holding his
18, eighteenth words …

grandchildren. . . . .

I went speechless in front of the old man, patted him, ready to rush to see him graceful gesture open hand ready to take his grandson while still flying. But I waited a long time and did not see the kid fly out?
“Huh? You are outsiders ah? do you break into the tent village is just a person, Oh, terrified it! that was a cover-up in our village, although not many people broke into the past, but also anti-ah! General saw that the village people will scare. “bearded old man said with a smile touched.
I am silent, I do not want to run, just happened to fall down, but oh well there is a very strong curiosity, I can only say wanted to run out of suicide experience, we return to the city because there is no character is too expensive to buy. . . . .
“Why are you still talking to me, why not take me? I’m not an outsider do?” I asked puzzled.


19, nineteenth words …

nineteenth words, we have to learn in a relaxed look easy – bt Korean

He laughed and said: “You just want to reach out and then my grandchildren now!”
I nodded.
He looked at me happily said: “We’ve got a few provisions in line with those of people who would be our respect. 1: no escape into the tent village, but also find the entrance down by Part two: do not escape into the inlet by the third, came into our village witch greeting and hand get people. ”
“I understand the first two, but the third. ……”
“Oh, the screen no matter who you’re greeted village, he would put in the hands of one of the most important things to throw out, if you want to reach out to the village witch to help him catch something, it proves that your heart is good. We do not naturally expelled you, “the old man touched the beard in God, said.
“Oh, it seems that very few people can accomplish.” I wipe first is to happen, the second is the curious, the third is a spoof.
But this old man seemed very smart ah! No matter what I say he can back tightly with bar.
“Yes ah, you still have the first one too!” he said mischievous wink.
“You say here is the witch village?”
“Well, here are the witches lived, because we are a family of magic, in order from outside interference will be hidden in the bottom. Huh? You seem also a shaman ah! God ah, it seems that with the sorcerer You came here. “said God, God complaining he mumbled together.
“Oh, yes, you have not accepted rite now?” he shot head.
“rite?” I asked puzzled.
“Oh, you’re just trainee wizard, in order to become a true shaman shaman must certainly get big, so you’d better be here practicing.”
“Great Wizard? I met a ah, she has helped me become a shaman ah!”
“on the outside face big witches? Oh, you say that evil shot, and she is a traitor to our family of witches, wizards ability of the seal, even if she does not directly help you rise to the shaman class. could say Advanced wizard direct people in our clan, only it have the ability of. ”
“it / him / her?”
“Well, you first pick up some tasks and let us here everyone has their own skills, and if you are lucky, maybe also learn some of it .. If there is anything I could find, I was here the mayor. ”
“Well, then I’ll go first.” said my goodbye to the old man, began to visit the village, the head of a task are prompted point over and over, while doing the task while connected, but it was my bad RP , and ye did learn a skill? Get all the experience and gold, but the experience and gold than the outside of the task was to make more.
heads so we do not have the task prompt, I returned to the old man there, speechless.
“old man, I did not learn a skill ah!”
“Oh, who live here are some old miser, will teach you strange, everyone keep their own grandchildren to teach it.” old man face expression not to say my expectations.
“Then you say that earlier, I thought I recently dropped the charm of it!”
19, nineteenth words …

“Haha, how would I admire how it be wrong? worry, you still like me, gorgeous.”
“Well, see you so sad, I’ll give you a task bar, and finally to not see your own achievements up.”
me speechless then the task, the task looked even more silent, looking volcano lotus. . . . . .
I said, according to the task came to the village on the mountain, looking to continue my silent endangered rare plants trip.
I took the mouse toward the mountain plants swept, swept into a large red and other plants when,  Dan? display are: a large ‘volcano lotus’ words ‘volcano lotus’ should not be long in the volcano or snow on it? People had no hope, and Hai grocer and always thought the old man joined forces to play me!
I silently walked before flowering, ready for picking.
“Ow ——” Well, you guessed it, I fell out. Is this the legendary fourth requirement, Okay, okay, I was once again under the guidance of a sorcerer.
out for a long time before I landed, this time I directly place the resurrection.
other firm after I carefully observed the place, here is a cave, like the legendary Maid of the residence. I followed the narrow road to go inside, come so far, much of it saw a hole, I’ll be excited rushed past, and so to see the hole next to the large tracts of volcanic snow lotus, I  Chuo playing? Actually has back to the place! How is this going? Magnetic induction? Witchcraft? Moving walls and trees? What exactly is?

Well, since it does not want to think, and I shut the computer down the line, the morning is eight to school, doing menial tasks that I spent great time of the morning, noon, just cut a sausage top past. Cuckoo chaos ring stomach feeling, I decided to go out foraging.

just want to go out, I heard the phone rang, I had to run back to pick up the phone.
“Hey, I was fall Gino, are you looking for.”
“promise, I am in your quarters downstairs, come down, I’ll show you something to eat.” end of the phone came the boss magnetic voice.
“Hey, boss how do you know I did not eat it?”
“Oh, you’re not always the case, a play on the computer and forget to eat.”
“Oh, that boss I’ll go ah!” I hung up the phone pick up the bag flew down the stairs.
out of the doors of the parlor, I saw the boss leans on the dormitory door elegant near a tree, near a lot of girls in ogle.

“Oh, brother, hello popular oh.” boss patted me on the shoulder laughs.
“Oh, that did not you popular ah!” Boss direction of efforts like those girls Nuzui.
“ah, promise!!! promise!!!! We love you!!!” I saw those girls saw me they sent a signal of love.
“Beautiful Girls, get your love really makes me feel very proud ah!” I shook hair squints feel-good exclaimed.
“ah —- good Shuaio!!!!” Oh, and now the girl ah, we should say ‘beautiful ah’ fishes ah!

“Oh, well, let’s go.” boss an ‘I
19, nineteenth words …

served you ‘frustration like Yibalaguo I walked to the front of the school.
“Boss, we do not eat in school?” I caught the boss’s footsteps, walking side by side with the boss said.
“eat school meals nausea, and we go out to eat, I’ll take you to a good place.” blinked mysterious boss said.
“What a good place ah, can not eat enough.” I Pieliaopiezui said that although this is very romantic, but it is a waste of time ah!
white on his mouth twitched, decided to use silence to respond to this girl’s unromantic.

“boss to not ah?” Oh, I feel like the drama and the boss in the couple like a fool, nothing in the busy rush of Malaysia on the road, do such a thing, really have a certain technical content ah, or else a non- Be careful to see my Mom and Dad, there’s danger.

“Well, do not hurry up, to.” boss turned around with a black cloth blindfolded my eyes, put me to push forward, and then gradually stopped. I felt his hands off on me, and I was put cloth to win, it smelt a deep sense of smell.
“Guess what is in my hands?” boss ambiguous sound in the ears. Straight blown my ears itch.
“is to eat!”
“Oh, yes, and then guess, what to eat.”
“Blessings, yes, what is good.”
“Well, that is delicious.”
“Well, I can tolerate, is tofu, bean curd ah!! our former often eat tofu!!” boss pulled a black cloth mask on my face and roared.
“curd? curd is do not? ah, yes ah, we just know that it often eat together! boss, you still remember it?” It was a period of painful memories ah, that time Rob in learning to cook, all the chefs are resigned to start their own chef cooking. But that meal done, absolutely not eat ah, no way, only pulling in reality just met the boss to go out to eat, but Dun Dun eat another contrary to our frugal housekeeping Akiyoshi family tradition, so finally becomes Dundun are in the stall to eat a bowl of bean curd of fifty cents. Really sad ah! Boss took me to what ah mean? Is it because I recently spend too much hand, Grandpa let the boss to give me a hint? But even after recently since playing a miracle, even to eat when they are little ah! Even in the game, are also rub someone else’s money, and ah! ! Is horse ‘BMW’?
“Oh, of course I remember, and I still miss those days too!” boss blow curd eating recalled.
tears ran, really, is to suggest to my boss.
“Boss, I know, I know, I know.” nodding my depressed, really I should not buy a horse useless horse, we must take care to buy a thing, I actually leave it no matter what. Meditation Alleluia.
“Really? do you really understand me?” Great, struggling to keep up this girl for several years, this girl finally hang yesterday also worried about this girl and the guy Cypress see eye yet. Nor is worrying me, ah, this girl yesterday Connaught time is really pro guy longer than I ah!
“Blessings, Okay, okay, I’ll
19, nineteenth words …

attention. “I said helplessly, saying many eyes grandfather really ah!
“note? pay attention to what? But as long as you know my heart enough.” White said on their well-being.
I blew curd, mime, boss of happiness what?
“Oh, yes, boss, I fell into a magical place…….” I have a racking our brains, he gave me the magic in the game were all told the boss encounters.
“It would not be the Bagua Zhen?” White pushed his glasses on his guess.

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Several years, and may be open when like me does not open, basically white or gently used my house too! My husband’s money and not a big wind came, and I am free to change what car na! Moreover

small group of sisters car in exchange for going, also the number of the most upscale white my house, I did not need it. Moreover, we recently born children are busy raising children, there is no time to go out to show off. My white garage put in a good long time.

“If you want to open, then take your open two days.” Anyway, I do not go out.

“What I want is not the ownership of the right to use and you have to figure out my baby sister.” baby lying husband spent half a day’s time to help me confused like “Avatar” Pandora sleeping on top Wangdou sleeping in bed, special contempt look


“You bring me down! days do not deal with you, you do not know your sister’s powerful!” I took the baby from the bed pulled down, while fat beat.

“See, after treatment insatiable who will do this without mercy!” was over, I looked back and educate three children.

“Golden Baby, what are you thinking of promoting violence to the children what?” My husband does not know when to come back, still holding originally lying on the mat and two large Boa Boa, black face looking at me.

“ah, today I also violent! Chen Sinan, do not lick the gums, teeth carefully your life can not survive!” I use peripheral vision to Chen Sinan Germany glanced small mouth tightly closed, small tongue does not know the inside fiddle with anything. Children must be tooth


I admit, today I menstrual period in a bad mood.

so I put all offended, took the hands of servants who do not know handed iced plum juice, drained looked up plan was to put an end to her husband.

“want a stomach ache is not?” My husband patted my head first seeds to me along the smooth hair, then took a drink in my hand.

“has hurt ……” I have quite a sad ……

“Is not it cool to eat something?” old sighed resignedly accepted, with his large hands to rub my belly bulge.

“no ……” just robbed Chen Sinan an ice cream, grab an iced watermelon baby, grab the big bottle Boa Boa two clumps of yogurt …… I did not look at her husband guilty of eyes staring at him in draw circles on my stomach to see the big hand.

“deserve it!” My husband gave me rub for a while, then got up and went to take a bath in the room changing clothes.

“So, marry marry old men.” baby like a ghost behind me aloud.

“ah, that old man is good to his mother.” Chen Sinan too deep to follow Bel nodded.

fool sitting on the mat that two good old man is also a good old man talking. I kiss Maria, that is your own father!

evening I packed the baby was returned to her family, with my white. Untouchables also hide what we can not afford!

“you, remember to call my dad!” My husband took advantage of a bath, once again educate them three.

So, so her husband came out, three little guys Bel lovingly wrapped around the body of a husband a father screamed exhilaration. The old man’s face also flexible enough to be hung up out of the water smile.

Well, I think I’m more like a wife and mother.

However, the children Hanliaoliangsheng father began to change after taste:

“Daddy! mom scare us!”

“No, it was a threat!” in the end is the wife’s eldest son, is more likely to use the vocabulary.


kids to see her husband, her husband look at me, I look at the ceiling. Not to mention, my ceiling ever more pleasing to the eye.

Chapter 27

red with an old head last husband took me to the form of the princess hold hold halfway across technology park to the car. Fortunately, holidays many people, even so, her husband is still shy.

home grandfathers and grandmothers did not say anything, especially tacit Bel looked at me and smiled affectionately.

“Mom and Dad, I’m back!” prodded me to the old couple, can not wait to run upstairs to turn on the water bath. Speaking bath, simply hate in my heart a big na! In public bath house over there, altogether a dozen showers, a shining white into full

is naked. Two or three people share one shower does not say, but also occasionally to beware of water power. Especially terrible is my first go there take a bath, not very clear position, slowly lay shampoo massage the body, the results I have just painted covered in bubbles, stop

the water. Poor me only as sticky and greasy to wear clothes back to the dormitory, a pot of water end Bowls quarters, a little rub the body. Then get a clear idea situation, I’ve learned to wash and everyone else fighting bath, fifteen minutes to get.

I sat in the familiar point drops of essential oil bath, comfortably bubble began to rub mud after a pass. I was the first from the body rub down so many things, like the exfoliating cream with the same …… really!

husband came in I was too busy rubbing.

“ho! really dirty!” holding point less pure idea after seeing her husband’s Xiaoni Ba bath time, but also had a pure.

“I scratch yours!” I Cuozao towel to him.

“ouch ouch, pain!” My husband would not have control efforts.

“clearly has a very light, ah!” Although the lips spoke, his men a lighter action.

washed satisfied, I stood under the shower body wash, bath brush hard working husband. Inside that layer of mud to see if you really let servants, but also not a joke death of me!

my eyes, I happily hum a little song, a good wash tub husband came over and sniffed.

“incense is not fragrant?” I handed him the arm nose.

“lost.” her husband said as he touched his hand down on dishonest touch.

“No, no, now you have to go with me to buy clothes to repair hair, so I dressed up to go to my mom and dad’s apology.” I smiled and pushed him scrape xp head in my chest.

“I have a sense of proportion.” Then her husband, also bit me one.

So, I was in the bathroom a summary execution. He is a measured, they only x vent once, let my little dead twice! When he ended, I could not move too petrified by his children to bed not got it together. Fortunately, I had just when the door

found bedding are replaced by a new one. The woman has not sleep here, I do not want to haggle.

“Let ‘s sexual disharmony which is what?” I have been very curious, can only ask a husband.

“Ha? discord? little guys just are not in harmony it cool to cry?” husband pinching my nose swaying.

“That what is discordant it?” how he can be so expansive to say the words that people do die of shame! Really is shameless old man!

“night I’ll tell you. waiting for you to break enough, we went out. worry about your parents go again!”

I lay, her husband did not idle, with his pair of big rough hand painted to the side of my skin care oils while massaging. I lay for about half an hour, although they are still tired, but more want to see Mom and Dad, could not wait out the door.

husband back to her parents mean what they simply do not dress up. However, I think the most vivid image of the father and mother appeared in front of me this time to prove to them doing well.

Ken I have been stimulated more, produce immunity. So he saw me when a recklessly did not say anything, just keep our noses waving scissors, as if all the discontent all the blame on me that extra hair.

I looked in the mirror a little lady shawl straight hair, smug little to a lot and took her husband to the mall to buy a two comparative ladies clothes. My husband is very satisfied with the current state. He is a conservative old fogy like the same haircut

long hair, like ladies skirts. Do not know if he likes wearing ladies keep Qingtangguamian head dress me?

Mom and Dad saw me, rushed to grab later put me in his arms after kneading a lot I did not mangled after confirmation fell out.

“you this is not dutiful daughter, but also know come back ah!”

“Do you remember your own Mom and Dad have not jumped out from the rock crevices, ha?”

“Look I do not hit you!”

“ah yo ah yo ~ Mom and Dad for mercy, I love you, miss you Yeah!”

So they bribed by my sweet. Mom and Dad’s house to eat a meal a flattening out of the afternoon meal. After dinner, I took a scarf from the bag and a pair of knee pads were handed over to Mom and Dad.

“my salary is too low, not too expensive to buy things you will do with it!” This is lobular they accompany me shopping to buy. Although not what luxuries, but also inexpensive, at least in my spending range.

Mom and Dad too good for nothing, and even to cry. I am also very unpromising, crying worse than anyone else. Did not play too long in her family, I still need to give an account of grandfathers and grandmothers. Old mother arguing with cold feet in winter, I bought her three pairs of thick

real thick shackle. This kind of thing at the mall simply have not seen, but in the kind of roadside stalls Amoy. Goodly things, the price is not too high, I would go to buy three pairs. I really do not know what the father-like, only

know when special worship early elderly ***, buy him a small youth nowadays *** like wearing a badge. Elderly people are happy to eat finished rice is also enjoyable, the former things are gone.

evening back to the room, my husband has been staring at my bag look. Not give you, you are worried to death! Off ha ha ~

Finally, he saw I did not mean to give him a gift, and finally could not resist.

“your elders pretty good ah!” how listening to this tone sour?

“That is, who is good to me, I told who is good and I remember clearly my heart.” I continue to stimulate him.

“I told you not to like?” He took my hands, bite.

“Hey ~ to you!” I dug out from the bag I live frugally to save money to buy a razor, it took me a month’s salary! This can be really under the original capital of the!

husband look razor and then look at me, look at me look at razors.

“How much you pay a month?” My husband still know this little thing more valuable.

“two thousand.” I held out two fingers.

“all the things you buy how much was spent?” My husband continued.

“…… not counted.” Anyway, I made a wage Chuaizhuo money to go out shopping, looks like …… subsidizing. Had run away from home, I took out my coffers.

“silly girl!” husband a bite on my chin, and then we start to roll it roll it roll sheets.

fugue Void as high c tide from the finish where recovered, I am think of it does not solve the problem.

“You have not told me what sexual disharmony s it!” My husband poke bite my ear. This guy seems particularly like my ears. My ears a little meat, but particularly, do not know to be eating every day, will become terrible

the jug ears?

“I’ll tell you.” Then he began to chew chew on me to go.

I finally recovered a little strength and was tossing their heads, but I’m most comfortable in the most comfortable, is about to climb the peak, when her husband back out without warning. I squint with the body rubbed him, and he would not listen.

“uncomfortable ……” My hands and feet to climb him, ah rub rub.

“This is the sex s disharmony, understand it?” My husband suddenly began.

“But …… your home brother very excited na! Why are you suddenly stopped coming?” I still thought through. The so-called dissonance is to do not do half of what? It was quite Wohuo, to me, and I feel bad.

“You fool!” My husband angrily put me under pressure in the body was another onslaught, I finally satisfied, he also satisfied.

“You think, just if I have s shot, you are not particularly uncomfortable?” My husband continued after the pressure of cross God child education. Estimated that he has wanted me to explain, to save me to discuss this issue with others. I knew that he petty.

“ah.” I am very honest.

“s sexual disharmony, generally refers to a man can not satisfy a woman, a woman sometimes refers to react too stiff, can not meet a man.” My husband took the wipes to rub the body. Generally done several times, I would not bother to take a bath, until the first

next morning wash. The evening also will be on the wipes wipe it. Mainly, I’m so tired …… Of course, I am fine, lazy na! In fact, her husband occasionally quite virtuous, will hold me to go take a bath. I can not stand the toss in later

see I became fierce, he would be happy leisure.

“My reaction stiff it?” My heart thump loudly, this kind of thing can not be sloppy!

Chapter 28

“My reaction stiff it?” My heart thump loudly, this kind of thing can not be sloppy!

“You know how this little guy how to comfort, performance was good.” cleared husband kissed my little ass.

“my ass is not fragrant incense?” I asked him narcissistic. Results him a slap shot in my ass, I honest.

“My husband, you have to be good to me.” I drill into his arms, left and touch the right Cengceng.

“Knock, sleep!” You see, this boring old man!

Hu Hansan me back again! Get her husband’s pardon, I gave the next morning Qian Xiaoyan chick big yellow duck call them stupid, but they are not on holiday abroad is a sightseeing tour in the country, there is no time to play with me. Not

over their caliber is actually very consistent with my phone call after first meal swearword high profile told me, sorry lady, you do not have time to play! Calcium oxide!

“husband, we do not yet honeymoon!” bullied by turns a meal at the computer, I can only pestering office husband.

“are an old married couple.” husband impatiently took me a slap in the face, and then pressed me in his arms will not let me move, so he relieved office.

“you are old, I was still young go again!” the girl was only twenty four thirty, you are!

“ah, young, younger.” husband still staring at the computer screen.

“CHAN Ho-nam, you are a big asshole ……” do not give me even the honeymoon!

“Stop it, take you out to play tomorrow.” husband looked down at my chin gnaw one, continue to see the computer.

“I want to go abroad, I’m going to France, I want to stroll the Champs-Elysees, I buy clothes, I want to buy cosmetics, I want to – hum!” Domestic Violence ah! I was her husband threw a packed room! ! !

living room grandfathers and grandmothers do not know what to talk about, to see me like a ball by her husband carry her down, they both laughed.

husband upstairs after I sat on the couch, not rash.

“baby Yeah, some time ago we let you big sister to help you pick up a bracelet, you Daidai see, like it or not.” her mother opened an exquisite leather box, from the inside out a faint green jade bracelet Ying . I know it! Number is

874231! Together before visiting the shop when Jade Qian fancy it big, expensive. But she sprinkled two days after Johnson agreed to give her husband bought for her. Unfortunately, the large Qian guy is tall, big hands, do not even wear anyway

into it, it can only watch helplessly

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Museum bought a bag of fish food, and excitedly back to the bedroom.

“cute little goldfish, I look to you today to buy a good thing?” Cat smile small goldfish, said: “This is the latest product Oh, I heard that after eating can make you chubby, people see people love. “pulled out a fish food.

“do not feed, I just fed one.” pico is the balcony drying clothes, his head came through the window the moment exploration, cats hands sprinkle fish food have all gone into the water.

cat looked slightly innocent, not sure to ask: “What happens goldfish do not eat more, right?”

“too full will support dead.”

cats very nervous: “That’s how to do?”

“but only to feed more than one, not as Cheng Si, tomorrow morning, do not feed, so that one day they are hungry enough.”

cats relieved, MO Oda this time happily into the bedroom.

“Hey, another school girl took a fancy to me. previous study hall when I talk to her bedroom we have two goldfish, I often feed them, she praised my caring for small animals.” Mo Oda took the Just being a love letter to show off, pat cat on the shoulder, a look of comprehension, said: “It seems that raising two goldfish are very good.”

“take my little goldfish do bad things, they are sacred.” Cats rolled his eyes: “Besides, when you fed them?”

“today I fed it.”

on as a cat and a slight heart feel good. Cat turned around slowly, calmly gas asked: “When did you fed?”

“just under the front feed and I saw your fish food sack was empty, went to the other bedroom with goldfish fish food to come up a lot.” Mo Oda finally found a quiet bedroom exceptions, be careful to ask : “What’s wrong with you?”

“fish food bag, how likely is empty? morning I take the time to clearly left a lot.” Cats turned to look slightly.

slightly shook his head, said: “I have seen fish food bags come back empty, but I have long thought that your fish food ran out, so the first two days to buy a new bag on the bag.”

three looked at each other, I suddenly heard a still small voice than the mosquitoes from the upper corner of the bed came.

“me me …… I …… I also fed.” lazy afternoon did not go to school, but left to sleep in the bedroom, He Jun shrink shrunken neck, carefully explained: “I saw a fish eat the rest of it, anyway Nothing, you …… ”

“ah!” Cat wake up, shouting threw herself in front of the tank. No wonder just felt wrong, past feeding time is very small goldfish swam energetically grab to eat, but today lazy slow. Cat turned abruptly, he grabbed the closest Mo Oda, Victim: “You in the end how much to feed? Say!”

Mo gaped Oda: “a …… a ……”

“one is the number?”

“is, and you usually feed almost.”


cats a pick eyebrows, MO Oda quickly confessed: “Only a little more than you, I swear, you usually only fed more than a little bit.”

cats from snort, poor attention to the upper bed.

He Jun make a shiver, immediately and automatically consciously said: “It was fish food bag the rest of those.”

leftover fish food bag small, cats finally a little peace of mind, and quickly self-comforting – Showtime said that they do not turn the stomach will not die.

“cats, goldfish turn your stomach.” faint voice from behind me.

cat was surprised, and quickly ran to see. Sure enough, a small goldfish’s body has started to play the side, into the posture of lying on his side.

“Do not! Do not turn over!” Cat yelled, reaching into the tank, trying to make small goldfish to maintain a balance, do not turn it over. Being corrected this “bad sleeping position,” but hear Mo Oda trembling prompt: “Another one seems to …… too ……”

cat look, another one began to slowly turn around, as if like synchronized swimming in the water to make a turn, threatens to turn up the stomach.

“must not turn! not allowed to turn!” Cat scramble and another one to help correct posture.

sighed slightly, cats sit around, reached into a finger into the water, gently touch the small goldfish in the stomach.

cats surprised, and asked: “What are you doing?”

“to help it digest what it ate too much, massage might be helpful.”

cat eyes lit up: “You will fish?”

slightly honest answer: “no.”

“Then how do you know that massage Useful?”

“I guess.”

cat frown, decided to help in the field again: “This will be worse by ah? their stomach has been very up, in case the intestines squeezed out ……”

“Anyway, they are supposed to be dead, dead horse as living horse medicine only.”

cat angry, but now he is single-handedly with a goldfish correct posture, if you want a free hand to give a little punch, you have to choose to give up the data structure or algorithm design, with eyes said he had a slight anger against .

slightly lips That said, still in gently with your fingers into small goldfish massage.

“Look, it began to stool.”

water appeared a filamentous black object. Cat relieved, quickly nodded and said: “Good! Good! Continue big.” This may seem slightly proof method worked, cats right attitude greatly changed slightly: “Continue, slightly, hurry hurry.”

slightly Chouchou cat, know that he is now two hands “to catch fish” and can not resist, mind a move, suddenly held out his head to go pro in cats lips firmly Dangdang.

automatically keeps a small goldfish, they could close two less and less time.

“ah …… goldfish goldfish …… I ……” Cat impatiently responded with a slight, but also for fear of accidentally straining, two goldfish died in his hands.

slightly Zeixiao: “Do not worry, I’m helping them massage it.” He simply learn Cats are the two forefinger into his tank, while helping two goldfish massage.

they sit almost stick together, as long as a rotor, you can kiss each other.

turned slightly, of course, anxious and cats become one pair of kissing fish.

this scenario commonplace in the bedroom, where the military and Mo Tian Congming to take this empty when quietly leave the territory, in order to avoid small goldfish killed, cats find them afterwards.

bedroom only two impatient guy. Weekdays alone together in less than three minutes to kiss, kiss less than three minutes to bicker, bicker less than three minutes to fight, the case was finally regulated today broke two small goldfish.

“Do you want me?” asked slightly biting cat ears.

cats honestly sat, hands to help correct posture small goldfish, they are not allowed to turn the stomach: “Every day see, what really want to?”

“What do you want me to kiss you do?”

“ah ……” slight lip and hit came, warm warm, cats began drowsily: “ah …… think ……”

“Cat, do you like me?”

“not too annoying. How about you?”

“You is not too annoying.”

“What?” Cat suddenly eyes, glaring slightly: “You body itch it?”

“Cats,” chin slightly smiling triumphantly: “Beware of goldfish.”

Oh, goldfish, goldfish care. Cat quickly divert attention, goldfish is the most important, he is now single-handedly holds data structures, algorithm design hand pinching, do not care about this kid and pico.

“Cat ……”



“quit!” Cat turned. Dare say I do not hate?

“That I do not help your goldfish massage ……”

Oh, goldfish, goldfish need a little massage, oh. Cat reluctantly turned his head.

“Cat ……”

“but why?”

smiled slightly and whispered: “I love you. Hey, this goldfish began stool.”

“Oh yes!” cat happy and sighed chatter goldfish: “You are too greedy, eat like the Well, why eat hold it? do not know eating more will die?”

slightly gravely replied: “Goldfish are not aware of satiety, they are inherently stupid. changed me, and certainly will not find two goldfish to raise, would raise only Benmao stupid goldfish.”

“you just stupid!”

“Only Benmao Showtime will believe it, you have been cheated many times her friends.”

“How are you doing? You’re the little brother of the devil, not a good thing.”

“I am a little devil’s brother, than the smart little devil. devil deceive you always been small, little devil smarter than you. thus provable, I smarter than you at least two orders of magnitude.”


“in order to pass the exam, they asked me a little faster, or you’ll repeat, oh.”

Cats turned: “Little goldfish will bless me.”

slightly turned away: “stupid cat!”

“You owe fight!”

“cat ……” put slightly lighter tone, with a smile wink, spit out the word: “Goldfish.”

“Oh, goldfish.” cat’s eyes filled with love and affection steering tank. Separated for a while, he suddenly thought of a way you can deal with slightly.

cat looked up, of course, right slightly, said: “Hey, I can not hand you over stretched out his neck so I bite it.”

“good.” slightly pleased by the past.

which will take the initiative to send his neck, of course, is pre-emptive, cats like to bite mouth shut.

“Well …… …… ah …… bite bite bite …… you let me lie ……”

“careful not excited. goldfish, your goldfish.”

“Mmm …… Call …… ah goldfish ……”

goldfish seems there is still a little value.

The next day was Saturday, and Mo HE Jun Oda quietly slipping into the bedroom until dawn dare to look at the small goldfish is being salvaged. To be sure, if the miserable fate of small goldfish, then their fate will be very miserable.

“are still alive?” He Jun pressure at the end sounds, twitched Mo Oda sleeve.

Mo Oda shrink at the door, open the door quietly, sneaking into the probe.

“cat in it?”

“do not seem to.”

He Jun patted his chest, asked: “Cat’s lifeblood it?”


“ah?” He Jun play a shivering, do goldfish really finished? : “Tank empty yet?”

“tank was gone.”

He Jun screams: “miserable!”

“What miserable?” came the familiar voice behind him, He Jun and Mo Oda opt startled, Cangbaizhelian turn. Cats and just bought the breakfast seemed slightly back, hands each carrying a lunch box.

just knocked it down, hiding is not hide it. They looked a little pale, though it seems calm, but be sure it must be a prelude to the storm.

now only twelve make every effort to minimize storm was six. Ho Mok Oda Army and later moved simultaneously, and with the most sincere expressions and tone of the cats condolences.

“Cat, we are very sorry.”

“ah minor events.” He Jun wait to squeeze two drops of tears, but a lack of control of the lacrimal gland, only a few multi-blink eyes filled up: “Oh, what a goldfish ah, I have never seen such a cute little thing I finished two days ago also keep a box of crackers, goldfish if you need a coffin, then do not hesitate to take it with good. ”

“coffin? coffin do you want?” Cat said: “They are alive and well, and you get to see.” He pointed to the bedroom door.

bad, but also to go behind closed doors, they lied to play, it seems that the storm can be reduced to ten on the good.

Mo Oda twitching mouth side Back side strong laugh: “Hey, Cat, how do we say this is a well-intentioned feed it right? you do not ……”

“hit you hit Mo Oda, feed him more than me.” He Jun Seeing trouble, did not immediately loyalty betrayed Mo Oda.

Mo Oda more urgent, I thought beaten endure this together, step back and block any urgent military road, take severing momentum, Chen Sheng said: “cats, they do not hit my face, I can help you to get him into the house , so you flat fill. ”

“Mo Oda, you traitor!”

“You betrayed me first thing.”

cat somehow looked at them: “Why do I fight you? my little goldfish properly. gentle and kind and lovely like me cat ……” gushed praise himself a pass after the recall one question: “Why do you think Goldfish finished it? ”

“fish tanks are gone, still trying to cheat us?” Mo Oda handle to open the door a crack on the fingers.

slight laugh: “Cat said goldfish just salvaged, enjoy the sun will be easier to recuperate, so the tank into the balcony, let the sun bath wash goldfish go.”

“so you can save back?” think of yesterday goldfish can not swim the way, is really a bit staggering, frisky animals to cats hands I am afraid only Half-Life, not to mention difficult to raise the “dying” Goldfish ?

“Haha, of course, only I was so smart cat only way.” He Jun and Mo Oda skeptical, cats heard whistling, led them to the door, to the balcony, pointing to the balcony being too warm sunlight tank, proudly said: “how? really is Miaoshouhuichun right? Well, I …… help ah! have a cat!” then suddenly changed to a half tone, like seeing monster screamed.

trio kick over here, janitor’s most beloved grandfather Tabby Cat moment lazily squatted beside the tank, so that the cat relaxed and happy while enjoying brilliant sunshine, while narrowing his eyes licking paws, it seems only just finished a meal, a triumphant look.

everyone shocked for a moment, coincidentally the line of sight from the Tabby Cat who slowly shifted to the right, go on empty fish tank.

lose small goldfish fish tank in the sun is crystal clear and thorough, HE Jun-behaved quietly back, move back to the bedroom, shoulders met a man, turned around to see the original Mo Oda again and his heart have worried gates of fire, adverse impacts to fish.

most affected cats, he stared at the Tabby Cat leisurely burped a full minute, was too excited on the red blood brain fever before they get the results of the analysis —- his “algorithm design” and ” Data Structure “currently has an ugly bearded fur animal belly swimming.

Cat’s eyes shot anger, at this moment his body is filled with the power of anger, actually channeling step before Tabby Cat caught with lightning speed, put down his tail in the air and looked out viciously command : “spit it out! you give me spit it out!”

poor old man has been loved as a baby, is enjoying the sun after breakfast Tabby Cat unaware of what they have done wrong, wailing woo screams, the tail has come to the hands of the invaders. Fortunately, it’s not like cats, but it is only genuine cat, immediately under the instinct in cats exposed claws, waist one, to a neat enough to make people cheering after the turn, then paw ……

“Be careful!”

slightly reminded too late, Tabby Cat blow succeeded in leaving a souvenir cat wrist, and then taking advantage of the cat ate pain sent a note to let go of the moment expressed greetings with his teeth, bite cat “Ah ! “screamed, twisting and turning and then fell to the ground, in a big gap between the sped away from the balcony.

“dead cat, you do not go, I’ll cook you!”

catching cats also was slightly a stopped: “go to the hospital.”

“caught it again.”

“tell you to go to the hospital did not hear?” pico suddenly yelled out: “You have been bitten by a cat, to play shots!”

he sank his face, unusual dark, even the cats have been his sudden overwhelm, and not willing to say: “But it ate my goldfish.”